The starter model for newcomers: The emkon. MULTIPACK ECO


You are thinking about bundling your products? But you don't need an absolute high speed precision machine? Initially, you like to produce smaller test batches? But you do no longer want to produce them manually? We have the fitting solution for you!

The new emkon. MULTIPACK ECO is predestined for the interaction with pre-running vertical or horizontal (“low cost”) constructed pillow bag machines. It can also be used as a semi-automatic stand-alone device. The machine offers an infeed performance up to 100 products per minute with a minimal footprint of only 4 square metres. The emkon. MULTIPACK ECO is the perfect starter model for producers who want to entry the market with small quantities and comparatively low budget. 

This is how the emkon. MULTIPACK ECO works

The pre-packed products are pushed by a fast clocked accelerator belt into a pocket chain. They are grouped and labelled on both sides. The single products are located on top of each other to ensure the most compact bundles. The bundles can be passed over to the following process in horizontal or vertical way.

The emkon. MULTIPACK ECO can handle rigid and soft products equally. For example: Chocolate bars, chips and sausages but also packages of wet wipes and similar products.

Different features and options ensure a flexible utilization: ascending conveyors for suitable infeed heights, free direction configuration of the outfeed and movability due to rollers. Various product sizes can be realized by size kits. 

The emkon. MULTIPACK ECO at a glance:

  • Infeed performance up to 100 products per minute
  • Suitable for rigid and soft products equally
  • Produces utmost compact bundles
  • Single pocket sizes individually adaptable
  • Several product sizes possible due to size kits
  • Perfect interaction with pillow bag machines
  • Small footprint, energy-efficient, easily operable

The big brother: the high speed machine emkon. MULTIPACK

Our emkon. MULTIPACK is available on the market for many years now as a proven high speed precision machine. It is offered in three different speed levels:

• Infeed performance up to 200 products / minute
• Infeed performance up to 450 products / minute
• Infeed performance up to 700+ products / minute

The highlight: The machines with lower performances are already mechanically designed for the highest performance. The performance increases are made by a software upgrade on customer side with an adaption the new situation. Hence it is no need any more to buy a new machine. This saves time and money and ensures a fast resumption of the successful production. Prove vision and invest in future-proof technology which is expandable to the relevant market conditions and your individual growing needs after buying.

The machines are equipped with latest servo technique and are extremely efficient. The synchronisation between labeller and pocket chain is unique on the current market. That ensures absolute precision in labelling high quality products. And don't forget the small footprint of 4 square metres that will surely fit into your production hall.

The emkon. MULTIPACK is equipped with a quick exchange system for different size kits to produce several product variants on only one machine. The sensible product handling enables the processing of rigid products, like cereal bars or chocolate bars and of soft products, for example milk or yogurt slices. Each machine is equipped with two emkon. labellers by default. 

The ideal solution for thermoformed packages and special applications!

You are not interested in pillow bag packed products?
Do you rely on thermoformed packages for rigid or soft products?
Do you have special demands on the labelling?
Do you insist on “L”- or “U”-labelling?

No problem, we have already developed and implemented such solutions. We look forward to your call or email. Get to know more about the emkon. MULTIPACK in our Bahlsen customer story on or get in touch with us!